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NRG Hawk

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The new Hawk is here, ideal for your daily journeys with the option to use it on roads and in areas designated for motor vehicles. Charge your Hawk at home, at work, at the office, etc. The possibilities are endless - and enjoy the speed!

Maximum speed: 45m/h
Range: 55km / 130km
Driving licence category: AM

Engine: 1800W (3kW)
Battery: 72V/20 AH
Charging time: 4hours

Dimensions: 182x83x58cm
Vehicle weight: 85kg
Weight load: 150kg



  • One of the most powerful motors on the market
  • 3 speeds, park button and reverse gear
  • Mobile phone charging port
  • 3 years warranty
  • Eco-friendly
  • Little to no maintenance costs

Europe: 3–7 Days
Worldwide: Up to 2 Weeks

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Energy of the engine:
1800W Brushless Engine


Maximum speed:
45 (km/h)

Types of batteries:
Battery of lithium

Capacity of the battery:
20AH OF 72V + 20AH OF 72V (1,44kWh x Battery)

Maximum scope:
120 km. / 1 person (70kg)

Battery time of load:
4 hours each one

Life of battery:
1000 cycles of load each one

Capacity of rise:
23% (1 person, 70kg)

Type of measurer:

Brakes (frontal/backside):

Amortiguador (Frontal/Backside):
Hydraulic / hydraulic

Size of tyre:
120/70 tyre without tube of 12'

Capacity Max of load:
2 people (150kg)

Type of frame:

Net weight:
83kg (without batteries)

Weight of the battery:
12kg each one

It includes:
1x USB of load + Alarms + Inner Trunk + Bluetooth + Irradiate FM

Size of the packaging:
182 x 58 x 83 cm

Compared to normal motorbikes, electric bikes are a smart choice when it comes to costs. Have a look at our general break down of the usage costs of an electric bike.



The Hawk is instrumented with an 1800W brushless electric motor. This motor, in addition to offering maximum power, carries no brushes. This allows less wear of its materials to the friction not generated, its consumption is lower (40% less in relation to other motors) and its life and durability in the future is much greater.


Hawk has an exquisite multimedia system that provides an exceptional driving experience. It also has a USB port to charge your mobile phone, Bluetooth to be able to listen to your favourite music and Radius FM. Hit the road with full throttle!

SAFETY & Speaker

The Hawk electric motorbike is equipped with an incandescent front light that offers a wide angle of vision, allowing it to be ridden at night without any kind of danger.

The speakers are placed on both sides and offer maximum listening experience on the road.

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