Our future is electric.


NRGDrive represents the fresh wind in the motorbike industry.

The origins of NRGDrive are in Portugal, with a fascinating story that has evolved over the years into a modern and sophisticated concept.


The advantages of electrically powered motorbikes can no longer be denied and are convincing our customers throughout Europe. Powerful performance and easy handling are unbeatable arguments.


We give the masses access to affordable models for everyday use. We also carry suitable upgrades for lovers of classic motorbikes, which are in no way inferior in terms of design and riding fun.


Due to our Portuguese-Swiss roots, we place extreme value on quality. Our models are handpicked and partly produced in-house to give our customers the best possible experience.

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Avenida Comendador Francisco Alves Quintas Nr. 671
4740-010 Esposende

Mon–Thu | 10:00AM–19:00PM
Fri–Sat | 10:00AM–17:00PM

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