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Miku Super

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Style, design and maximum power, the new version of the Miku Max model comes in 125E, The Miku Super 3000W/ 40 AH. Discover the thrilling riding experience of this impressive motorbike.

Maximum speed: 80km/h
Range: 130km
Driving licence category: A1/B

Engine: 3000W (3kW)
Battery: 72V/40 AH
Charging time: 4/8hours

Dimensions: 185x104x74,5cm
Vehicle weight: 130kg
Weight load: 180kg



  • One of the most powerful motors on the market
  • 3 speeds, park button and reverse gear
  • Mobile phone charging port
  • 3 years warranty
  • Eco-friendly
  • Little to no maintenance costs

Europe: 3–7 Days
Worldwide: Up to 2 Weeks

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SUNRA Miku Super 3000W / 40AH Yellow 125e (dual battery)

Engine power:
3000W brushless motor (125e equivalent)


Maximum speed:
80 km/h

Battery types:
Lithium battery

Battery capacity:
20AH, 72V + 20AH, 72V

Maximum range:
130 km / 1 person (75kg)

Battery charging time:
4 to 5 hours each

Battery life:
1000 charge cycles each

Climbing capacity:
27% slope (with 2 people, approx. 140 kg)



Shock absorber (front / rear): Hydraulic / Hydraulic

Tire size:
120-70-12 front (no camera)
120-70-12 rear (no camera)

Maximum load capacity:
2 people (max. 180 Kg)

Frame type:

Net weight:
90 kg (without batteries)

Battery weight:
20 kg each

Start with fingerprint reader + USB charge + SUNRA app + reverse gear + parking button + 3 speeds

1850 × 1040 × 745 mm

Vehicle permit:

Compared to normal motorbikes, electric bikes are a smart choice when it comes to costs. Have a look at our general break down of the usage costs of an electric bike.



The Miku Super has a 3000W brushless electric motor located on the rear wheel. This engine has less wear on its materials as it does not produce friction and its consumption is lower (40% less than other engines), allowing for greater economy and longer life of this motorcycle.


This motorcycle has a digital display, with a dual-core power system. Know the kilometers traveled, the time and the battery level. In addition, it incorporates 3 speeds, parking button and reverse gear and even a USB port to charge your cell phone.

On the key of your Miku Super you will find a sticker with the QR code for android and another for iOS that will take you to the SUNRA application with which you will have control of the Miku Super on your smartphone.


Miku Super has an advanced CBS system that allows for safer braking in difficult conditions. This model has a brake system on the front and rear wheels, front and rear hydraulic shock absorbers that allow a more stable and flexible driving on rougher roads.

Keep your belongings safe – Miku Super has an internal compartment to store whatever you want.

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