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If you saw the Miku Max electric scooter on the street, you would surely turn around to take a closer look at it, because it is truly amazing. And its original design is a real eye-catcher. It was specially designed to get around town in a comfortable and sustainable way.

Maximum speed: 45km/h
Range: 60km
Driving licence category: AM

Engine: 800W
Battery: 60V/20 AH
Charging time: 4 hours

Dimensions: 169x117x58cm
Vehicle weight: 79kg
Weight load: 100kg



  • Floating seat
  • 3 speeds, park button and reverse gear
  • Mobile phone charging port
  • 3 years warranty
  • Eco-friendly
  • Little to no maintenance costs

Europe: 3–7 Days
Worldwide: Up to 2 Weeks

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SUNRA Miku Max

Engine power: 
1800W motor Bosch

Rated power:

Engine voltage: 


Maximum speed: 
45 km/h

Battery types: 
Lithium battery

Battery capacity: 
20AH, 60V

Maximum range: 
60 km / 1 person (70kg)

Battery charging time: 
4 hours

Battery life: 
900 charge cycles

Climbing capacity: 
21% slope (with 1 people, approx. 70 kg)



Shock absorber (front / rear): Hydraulic / Hydraulic

Tire size:
3.0 10' barrelless tire

Maximum load capacity: 
1 people (max. 100 Kg)

Frame type: 

Net weight: 
70 kg (without battery)

Battery weight: 
9 kg

Cruise control +1x USB of load + Alarm + Interior Case

1170 × 580 × 1690 mm

Compared to normal motorbikes, electric bikes are a smart choice when it comes to costs. Have a look at our general break down of the usage costs of an electric bike.



The Miku Max is equipped with the Bosch electric motor in the rear wheel, which offers a maximum power of 1800 watts. This motor, manufactured and developed by the number 1 electric motor company in the world, brings a power and performance that is superior to the 2500 W motors of other manufacturers. This allows us to achieve greater efficiency and battery savings, and to accelerate from 0 to 45 km/h in just 9.8 seconds.


The Miku Max has an LCD display that shows the battery charge level, speed, kilometres travelled and time.
It also has a USB port for charging your mobile phone and other small devices.

To give you peace of mind when driving at night, this electric vehicle is equipped with an LED front light that provides almost twice the viewing angle of the international standard, which is set at 30º at 12 metres and 24º at 9 metres.


The Miku Max electric scooter has an effective disc brake system and is equipped with four-coupling shock absorbers so that the rider can comfortably ride over rough terrain.
One of the main features of the Miku Max is the semi-floating seat. This does not affect the rider's stability, as this design is specifically designed to prevent destabilisation while riding.

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